Capacitive General Purpose

Capacitive-screen Stylus Information

Here we discuss some general information about PDA Panache's newest type of stylus - The Capacitive Stylus.

Capacitive touch screens normally need a finger's touch to operate. Capacitive touch screens are now appearing on many office and industrial devices, and in a wide range of operating environments. But sometimes a finger is not available, or convienient to use.

PDA Panache can provide our commercial and industrial customers with an up-to-date solution for their newest screen types.  The PDA Panache industrial Capacitive Stylus.

There are many features that make our capacitive stylus uniquely designed to meet the needs of business and industrial users. Most other capacitive styluses rely on a type of conductive foam to contact the screen.  We use a solid conductive metal alloy, that will never wear out or get soft.  Our tip, and entire stylus, can also withstand harsh environments.  

We build our stylus on our time-proven anodized aluminum M-stylus body, with or without stainless steel tether.  The aluminum body is fitted with our exclusive  swivel-suspended oval ring conductive alloy capacitive tip.  This tip is see-through for great visibility of what you're touching on the screen. 

For capacitive touch screens, such as used on iPhones and Tablets, Android devices, and a variety of other devices that are normally finger-only activated.

Available in standard and tethered styles.